The West has given us a lot of things to be grateful for and Burgers with fries is definitely not one of them. Most of us know (from experience) that all that is tasty is not necessarily healthy. However, with hectic schedules and long work hours, we find ourselves giving into cravings more often and that bag chips wins over the salad. In the age old battle between taste and health, taste wins every day and sometimes twice on Sundays!This is why we gave birth to Poshtick. In a century when health is nothing but a mere afterthought, when food indulgences are followed by heavy bouts of guilt and when the same guilt is followed by spoonfuls of ice-cream from the tub at 3 am, we know you’re running around in circles (without burning any fat)


Category Distribution
Place required 100 sft
Total Investment 2 to 6 lacs
Break Even 6 months
Available Location India

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